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Innovative institute of law

Gautam Buddh Nagar District Jail Visit on 18 February, 2020 Back



As a part of their curriculum students of Innovative Institute of Law, Greater Noida got an opportunity to visit Gautam Buddh Nagar District Jail, which is situated in Greater Noida on Tuesday, February 18th , 2020. 40 students along with Faculties of Innovative Institute of Law visited jail. This visit gave students immense pleasure to roam from corner to corner of the jail. As per the report of Government of Uttar Pradesh there are almost 70 jails in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Gautam Budh Nagar District Jail is one of them and has the capacity to keep approximately 3750 inmates at a time. Students also got chance to interact with the jailor and they asked numbers of questions beginning with the myth behind prisons i.e. harassment with prisoners inside the jail to which the authority responded that there is no such concept to harass the prisoners. They told that the prisoners are also human beings. The only difference between the prisoners and the person staying outside the jail is that they have done something which is beyond and violation of law that is why are been kept inside the prison to improvise their bad behavior. The Deputy Jailor also guided us on the procedures of FIR, Investigation, and Trial. Students asked different questions pertaining to Crimes, Human rights, Fundamental Rights, Criminal Behavior, Discrimination on the Status of Persons etc. At many places where there is bill boards on the walls containing the motivational and spiritual thoughts and quotes. The Deputy Jailor also imparted the knowledge relating to the facilities inside the premises of Jail. He also said that the Constitution of India is best followed inside the prison. He added that persons from different religions, races, castes, creeds are living together inside the prisons and they are treated equally in every aspect. The jail campus is on continuous surveillance by CCTV Cameras. Various NGOs are contributing for the uplitfment of the prisoners. They are providing numbers of facilities to the prisoners. The idea behind the visit was to acquaint the students with the jail manual in a practical manner. The students were told about the difficulties faced by prisoners when it came to getting legal aid and constraints of the jail authorities to facilitate their visit for the court. Lastly, he added, DALSA is also working for the prisoners through its free legal aid services. They provide free legal service to the convicted person. The Secretary of  DALSA Ms. Meenakshi Sinha was also there and she focused upon reformative theory. She also believes that “reform the offender as a person, so that he may become a normal law-abiding member of the community once again’’. The students of IIL also performed a Nukkad Natak with the slogan ‘ Jala Diya Jala Diya Samaj Ki Beti Ko Jala Diya’ in front of the Secretary of DALSA, jail staff and prisoners.