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The importance of Legal Aid and Awareness Campaigns as a mechanism for social progress is something that has been repeatedly stressed upon by the Government of India. In the backdrop of Poverty and Inequality, Legal Aid is an effective way towards attainment of the ideals of 'Social, Economic and Political' Justice that are enshrined in our Constitution under the Directive Principles of State Policy.

The Legal Aid Implementation Committee of the Government of India formed out of the constructive suggestions of the Bhagwati Committee on Jurisdicare of 1977 had envisaged the setting up of legal aid dispensation clinic in the various state - run law schools.

The establishment of the Innovative Institute of Law at Noida, in the vicinty of Delhi has opened the gateway to work towards this cause in a greater way. Through a mutually beneficial process of exchange, awareness is spread amongst the masses about their legal rights and duties, and how to go about seeking the same, and students of law get exposed to the various problems associated with the 'real world', thereby gaining practical knowledge on the subject.

Our aim is to spread legal awareness among students and people at large. We seek to do this through public speaking, awareness camps, seminars, legal counseling, poster making and street plays. To further our cause we play an active role in the Coordinating Committee for Intra-State Networking of Law Schools, a program conceptualized by us, for law colleges in and around Delhi NCR.

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Apropos to the spirit of article 39-A of the Constitution of India, and keeping in mind its pious obligation towards the weaker sections of the society, this Institute, as a part of its Legal Aids Clinical Education program, has established a Legal Aid and Awareness Centre headed by Director of Clinical Education. The center is managed by the Legal Aid & Awareness Committee. The Legal Aid and Awareness Center endeavors to work for the purposes of legal aid and awareness. If you have any specific requirements, like conducting a legal aid and awareness camp or a seminar at your facility or you want to be partner with the Center to further the cause of legal aid and awareness feel free to contact the Director. We look forward to a long lasting relation with you. To know more please contact the Director.
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