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Welcome to Innovative Institute of Law

INNOVATIVE INSTITUTE OF LAW a top law college Greater Noida, was established by Innovative Welfare and Educational Society, at Greater Noida, in 2005 for the Education of Law. It is the Top and Best Law College established in the vicinity of Delhi, primarily with the objective of promoting Legal Education in India.The objectives of the Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noidaas laid down in its Memorandum of Association are, to cultivate the science of law,to promote advanced studies and research in law so as to meet the social, economic and other needs of the Indian people, to promote systematization of law, to encourage and conduct investigations in legal and allied fields, to improve legal education, to impart instructions in law, and to prepare students for variety of legal & law related careers. more...

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Best Law Institute Delhi NCR - Your dream career awaits right "Here"

Booming multinational companies in developing countries like India has opened newer avenues of placements by transforming traditional career opportunities. The conventional "law jobs" has opened plethora of opportunities for students undergoing training in Best Law Institute Delhi NCR to don the role as "Legal Officers" in "Corporate" and "Administrative Sectors" too. After all, a lawyer is a representative to public/entity and his professionalized training regarding knowledge, skills and services have to be the best for creating harmony in the society by cementing people's faith in law.

Why Innovative Institute of Law Greater Noida

The importance of Education is a self-enlightening process for which the institutions lay the foundation of a child's development. Innovative Institute of Law is an Institute, where young talents ought to be recognized & nurtured. We are all set to score high in life & enter the real world in pursuit of dreams of would-be law making Indian citizens. According to Nelson Mandela, Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the World.more...

Facilities at Innovative Institute of Law

The innovative law College, one of the best in Delhi, Noida,          more...

Delhi and NCR is gifted with Best Law Institute Delhi NCR

Delhi and NCR opens loads of esteemed learning opportunities with IIT, NIT, AIIMS, JNU and also Top Law Institute in Noida. The immense infrastructural development thanks to being the "national capital city" has only added to the perfection in terms of imparting the highest class of education.
Educational Visits by Innovative Institute of Law
Best Law Institute Delhi NCR called Innovative Institute of Law gives the exposure of different legal issues as well as carrier exposure by organizing educational visits to: more...

Chairman's Message

Top ten Law college in IndiaThe faith shown by parents and students in Innovative Institute of Law is only due to the hard and dedicated work of the faculty and staff who leave no stone unturned in shaping the future of their students. Success is achieved when your get satisfaction from your sustained and progressive efforts. more...

Director's Message

Top ten Law college in India If the almighty God wanted all its disciples to destine at one and the only place, that is, of truthfulness and honesty -- be it through the stream of science or arts or it be even through the stream of law, we can reach the same destination.more...
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